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A meeting, where I will take great pleasure in being your friendly helper.

We can have a look together at any part that is troubling you, at any problem you are dealing with. We can also focus on a specific scientific task that you are working on or questions that keep you awake at night.

I will pay full attention to you, listen to you and help you to move closer to the necessary answers, paths
and solutions. I will catalyze your thought processes through myself and my consciousness.

I can show you the ways in which you can grow internally, and thus create a better connection with the source – a connection with the stream of life, a connection with the universal consciousness, which has the answers to all questions. Because if you are more open to life, you will be able to find necessary solutions more easily.

We can meet at any time of the year or in any weather. The power of nature will help us.

Price of the service: 


EUR 50/hour


EUR 70/ hour

We can meet for 1-2 hours, for half a day or for much longer, according to your intentions, needs and preferences.

Where we can go together:

the mountains and forests in Liberec and its surroundings – the forests of the Prose Ridge, the Jizera Mountains, the Lusatian Mountains. Alternatively, other places by agreement.

Czech Republic

If you are interested in this service, please fill out and submit the form below. In the details field, you can write about what you feel is essential. For example the topic, intention or problem of yours. Please also include your phone number so that we can arrange everything by phone and directly. If you prefer e-mail messages instead of forms, please write me an e-mail (

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Another service for you is:


This service is sutable for you in case if you want to work on yourself even more internally.

You can find this service within my Ariel Rea project at the link HERE. At the moment, the website is available in Czech language only.