Means, goals and visions of the Science in Accordance project 

 March 6, 2021

By  Ariel Rea - MUDr. Barbora Müllerová

The main goal of the Science in Accordance project:

Scientific, research and promotional activities leading to the creation, development and dissemination of life-friendly technologies.

At the moment, we especially need:

clean sources of electricity
clean heat sources
clean drives of engines and other machines
solving the problem of plastics

The main visions of the Science in Accordance project

Creating technologies that will form closed cycles as they do in nature. This means that the by-products of the production and use of these technologies will not become waste, but rather substrates for conversion into additional resources.

The main means of the Science in Accordance project

publishing activity
support for the inner growth and development of individual scientists
creation and management of the endowment fund
brainstorming camps for scientists with a defined specific goal
financial and other support for specific research projects

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