Science in Accordance

Life-supporting Science and Research

I am not a scientist and yet I have made great discoveries.

Discoveries that can bring you the keys you need to bring the world something significant and groundbreaking.

You can be the one who changes some mistaken scientific postulates and opens new horizons for humanity.

You can be the one who creates new, clean technologies necessary to sustain life on this planet.

If I wanted to, I could be a scientist. I could go further on the path of discovery and continue toward specific groundbreaking inventions. But I don´t want anything like that.

I feel that my place and mission is elsewhere, and it will be a great pleasure for me to be more of an inspirer, catalyst and facilitator of such key discoveries and inventions.

To be a supporter of those who believe that science is their place and mission.

With my consciousness, I have penetrated into the processes of the origin and development of the Universe, into the mysteries of matter, the development of humanity and many other phenomena. I have made these discoveries through myself, my curiosity and ability to see.

As part of this project I will share these discoveries with those who are interested. For those who want to create or support the science of the new age. Science that takes into account the metaphysical aspects of life and every existing phenomena.

Science that is connected with life, science that shows a certain needed humility towards life. Science that is inspired by natural processes in nature, follows them and doesn´t look for ways detached from life and therefore not conductive to life.

From my experience as a doctor and human with great sensitivity, I see that science today is detached from life in many ways. It is often blind to its own limitations and lacks humility. It therefore occures that it  doesn´t always properly interpret the results of scientific research and experimentation. That is why some scientific outputs and the recommendations stemming from them are leading humanity in the wrong direction.

This is evident, for example, in the case of nutritional recommendations concerning cholesterol. The discovery of certain isolated pehnomenon and some connections has led to direct harm to people and an increase in their suffering through medical advice. However, it was a necessary way for scientists and doctors to see for themselves how they are affecting the world. For better or worse.

I see that today it is possible to create a scientific study for almost everything. And design it to bring the expected results. However, this is already moving away from pure science, science that looks for true answers in the interests of humanity.

But science is not made up of any system.

Science is made up of every single scientist.

Every single person with their personal input, commitment and human responsibility.

Therefore the path of transformation of science is the path of humility, truthfulness and inner growth of every single scientist.

If you believe you are someone who wants to create pure science in the interest of humanity, it will be my great pleasure to assist you and inspire you in this.