Science in Accordance

Life-supporting Science and Research

Dear visitor, wellcome. Wellcome whether you are a scientist, a supporter of science or an individual intrerested in the mysteries of life. You can find interesting and maybe even groundbreaking information here as well as insights into other layers and contexts than those commonly known.

I feel my job is to be the one who, in many ways, supports such scientific research and experimentation that will create the highest values for healthy living on this planet.

This is not only a way of disseminating new information, but also a way of giving concrete help to scientists with whom the goals and visions of this project will resonate. At the moment, it is help in the form of my personal services as a way to ensure a greater inner connection of the scientist to the flow of life and universal consciousness.

I see the scientists self-knowledge and inner growth as one of the key factors that co-create their ability to bring the discoveries that are most needed here to the world.

When the time comes, I will be very pleasured to support the birth of new discoveries in the form of brainstorming camps in nature, where I will create the necessary conditions and at the same time the necessary framework. Apart from their main task, these camps will support the internal growth of the participating scientists and the building of friendships and cooperation between them.

I see cooperation between scientists as something of great importance and value. The more scientists that are joined together by a common intention, the greater the values that can be created.

One of the vehicles of the Science in Accordance project is the creation and management of the endowment fund that will financially support specific research projects. Projects that will be worked on by scientists open to life and mutual cooperation.

At the moment, the Science in Accordance project focuses mainly on creating new clean technologies, which adress the most pressing issues and impacts of our civilisation on the environment.

Concurrent goals are a certain cultivation of the scientific environment, the mentioned support of the cooperation between scientists, as well as the elucidation of certain blind spots in science so that the huge investments in science and research that take place bring humanity the highest possible values.

You can find clearly defined goals, visions and means of the Science in Accordance project HERE.